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The Last Horn Wraps You'll Buy

     In 1990, champion team roper and creator of the AirFlex Cinch Brett Siddoway designed the first ever One Wrap Horn Wrap. Since then we have been innovating and bettering our wraps, striving to create the best horn wrap on the market. To this day the Royal Horn Wrap is used by both large stock contractors and by avid team ropers alike. Other companies have tried to copy the Royal Horn Wrap design and features but none can compare to the durability, quality, and price.

     As a company we are proud to say that we are family-owned and operated right here in the U.S.A. On top of our heritage of excellence, our horn wraps also offer several additional customizable options: From strap colors, to custom branding options, and foam protection technology. We set the standard for horn wraps!




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