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New XP-Patent Pending-Brand 1 Side - Quantity Discounts

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New XP Horn Wrap 

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Feature's of the XP Hornwrap.

  1.        Impact foam is sewn where the rope comes tight at the base of the horn adding eXtra Protection by absorbing the pressure where the rope comes tight.
  2.        The cup of the XP Horn wrap which goes around the horn, has an improved design wrapping completely around the bottom of the horn, providing extra protection and a perfect fit, unmatched by other horn wraps on the market today.
  3.      Designed to provide the Ultimate in Fit & Protection.
  4.      Made in the USA

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We recommed the New Extra Protection Horn Wrap*

eXtra Protection where the rope comes tight!

 The  XP Horn Wrap is designed to fit any type steer especially the fresh ones with smaller horns. The added protection from the IMPACT FOAM helps relieve the pressure from the head rope where the rope comes tight at the base of the horns, particularly the left horn where the Honda usually ends up. The newly designed cup of the XP Horn Wrap protects the bottom of the horn much better.

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